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The Ultimate Portion Control Sauce Dispenser 1.5 gallon is the perfect addition to any food truck or restaurant kitchen. This dispenser gun system is designed to help you easily and accurately dispense sauces, reducing waste and controlling portion sizes. Whether you place it at the front or back of house, this dispenser will help streamline your sauce dispensing process. It is also clean, hygienic, and easy to clean, making it a convenient and practical solution for any food service establishment. This Ultimate Portion Dispenser can be fitted to FIFO bottles or onto our 1.5 gallon Ultimate sauce containers, allowing for versatile and efficient use in your kitchen. Say goodbye to messy, inconsistent sauce dispensing and hello to precise portion control with this revolutionary sauce dispenser.

Ultimate Portion Control Sauce Dispenser 1.5 gallon

SKU: UD300
    • You can change the dispenser nozzle to adjust in 6 portion control amounts: 1/8th oz, 1/6th oz, 1/4 oz, 1/3rd oz, 1/2 oz. 6/8th oz (measured in fluid ounce)
    • Then you can choose between 3 nozzles for application: Single hole, 2 hole, or 3 hole. All this is included.
    • Easy to refill and change
    • Leakproof and drip-free, clean and hygienic
    • Sustainable through frequent re-use
    • Easy and complete disassembly and cleaning
    • Dishwasher safe (apart from the base plate with holders)100% food safe
    • Our pump systems are “NSF listed”

How to disassemble the teat for cleaning: 

  1. Remove the complete teat assembly from the 1.5 gallon tank.

  2. The part that is made of hard plastic and needs to be unscrewed into 2 sections. Holding the larger piece in one hand with the teat facing downward, grip the upper section and turn counter clockwise.

  3. Remove the float inside. This looks like a stick with two weighted balls on each end.

  4. To remove the teat out of the larger ring, hold in your hand and using your thumb simply apply enough pressure to the outside wall of the teat. This will break any seal  the teak has with the ring and allow it to be removed. 

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